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? well, it's a way of looking at at the cosmos to define one's location on the earth. sailors use it when they're lost at sea. cosmologists use it when we're just plain lost. and it just happens to be the same math used with sundials. agent sinclair, you just happen to be talking to two card-carrying members of the north american sundial society. oh. let the good times roll. of course, for this to work now, you're going to need more than one photograph. just so happens... there you go. you're sure these time stamps are accurate? we think so. we need to measure the length of the pole as well as the shadows. well, the basketball hoop looks like it's regulation height. ten feet. yeah, and those are bricks right. on that driveway. bricks? how does that help? well, they're the same size. it allows us to measure the movement of the shadows. by measuring the length of the shadows against the bricks and then factoring in the exact times that these two images were snapped, the equation can then determine the altitude of the sun on a grid. then by mathematically overlaying these images, i can provi
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,000 per deal, and i could not have done it without armando and using his techniques. >> we are here with the yackey family, and the yackeys have a very-- a great story, because they literally, as they told me, were not involved in real estate a year and a half ago. now, how long have you been a part of learning my techniques and my strategy? >> yeah, about 18 months. >> and before that, did you have any real estate experience whatsoever? >> no, not really. i had a couple of accidental rentals because of the boom, but other than that, we just worked a regular job and really didn't do anything in the real estate world at all. >> so, now let me ask you this. what have you learned, or not so much what have you learned, but tell me what the results are since in the last 18 months. how much money have you made? >> i've made $1.1 million in the last 18 months. >> $1.1 million. >> yep. >> and you have full documentation to show this to me. >> oh, absolutely. we can... you look through each statement. this house right here, we made $66,000. >> and, o.k., so let me ask you this. how long did
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3